Pastured Pork / Grass Fed Beef / Raw Honey

Hello Everyone:

We have Raw Honey!  5 lb. tub for $25!  This is purely raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered honey.  We love to be able to offer this.  Raw honey is truly the best item you can have in your food pantry.  It never expires! Honey is high in minerals, as well as those immune-stimulating pollens that other sweeteners don’t have.  We have used it on burn.  Gene had a deep burn on his neck, he put raw honey on it a couple times, the burn healed without any scaring.  We always keep a 5 lb. jar on hand.  Several members take a teaspoon mixed with cinnamon every night to help them sleep, their insomnia is gone!  Cinnamon and raw honey are also known to help with blood sugar levels as well.  Try our Summer Fruit Salad with Honey Lime dressing for a sweet treat!

The Christiansen Farm drop on Friday, August 12th is coming up soon.  We love this farms pasture raised Berkshire pork and dry aged grass fed beef.  Save money on the best quality meats when you buy in bulk right from the farmer.  This rancher only comes down here every other month so plan ahead.  The Family Packages is a great way to buy a 1/2 pasture raised Berkshire pig and 1/4 grass fed beef for the reduced per pound price of a whole pig and half beef! There are only 3 of these left for this drop, reserve your whole, half or quarter animals with a small deposit now!  Only 1 weeks before animals go to the butcher.  30 lb. CSA shares are at unbelievable pricing.  There are whole pigs at only $3.85 per pound and half pigs are only $3.95 per pound hanging weight.  Their dry aged grass fed beef starts at only $4.50 per pound hanging weight! Special Buy:  5 lb. Dry Aged Grass Fed Beef for $27.50! Only 1 per customer at this price!  This is a Thank you from Christiansen Farm to all you loyal customers and for those of you who haven’t tried their awesome dry aged grass fed beef to give it a try!   Check out the other bulk buy on 10 lb. increments of Ground Meats!    They now have grass fed beef tallow & pastured pork lard 4 lb. for only $17!   Grass Fed Soup and Marrow bones available at amazing price.  You can order for this drop now on  just click the ” Pasture Raised Pork”  tab to the “Grass Fed Beef” tab to order.  This drop has 2 locations to choose from; Cragin park in the parking lot on Fulton between 5:00-5:30pm and 7540 Dean Martin between 6:30-7pm.  Please remember to put you drop location in with your order under “additional information”.

Five years ago in a search for grass fed beef Rebecca contacted Bar10Beef.  We have been promoting and selling their beef ever sense.  It has been a great experience working with them over the years as we both grew and changed.  We value the knowledge we have gained while working with the Heaton Family.  While we have enjoyed having them come down to the valley here to deliver their products, we are moving in different directions.  We wish the Bar10Beef family well in all their efforts to provide quality beef.  We will no longer be offering Bar10Beef on our website but we will continue to offer the best quality, humanly grown food directly from local farms and ranches.  Our goal is to reach all that we can with affordable food from the farm.  We are passionate  about putting people back in touch with their food resources and educating them on the benefits of eating food grown from the ground.  By buying from local farmers we take back our food from the big food manufacturers and support farming families who work hard to grow food responsibly.  We are currently in negotiations with a couple of produce farms to bring some organic produce to you this summer…stay tuned for more info on that.  We are also searching for pasture raised chicken and eggs and will post them as soon as we obtain them.

Happy Healthy Eating!