Grass Fed Beef / Pasture Raised Pork and Eggs

Hello Everyone:

Our next Christiansen Farm drop is Friday, August 12th.  They have the best pasture raised pork and grass fed beef, so get your summer grilling meat now!  The Family Packages and CSA shares are at unbelievable pricing.  There are whole pigs at only $3.85 per pound and half pigs are only $3.95 per pound.  They have grass fed beef starting at only $4.50 per pound hanging weight!  Sale on ground meats when you buy in 10 pound increments! They now have grass fed beef tallow and pastured pork lard in 4 lb. for only $17!   You can order for this drop now on  just click the “Christiansen Farm”  tab to order.  This drop has 2 locations to choose from; Cragin park in the parking lot on Fulton between 5:00-5:30pm and 7540 Dean Martin between 6:30-7pm.  Please remember to put you drop location in with your order under “additional information”.

Coming up: Saturday, June 25th Bar10Beef for Grass Fed & Finished Beef / Pastured Chicken Eggs drop.    We have 2 drops locations: 7540 Dean Martin between 10-10:30 and 3920 W. Charleston Blvd between 11-11:30.  We are taking order for that drop now thru Wednesday June 22nd only go to order under the “Bar10 Grass Fed Beef” tab and “Pastured Chicken Eggs tab.   Please remember to put you drop location in with your order under “additional information”.

 Although we haven’t been able to find a good source for Pasture Raised Chickens I thought it would be helpful to give you some great information on shopping for them.  The following terms are meaningless terms when shopping for chicken: Hormone-Free (chicken and pork have all been hormone free sense 1959 in the U.S.), Natural (the term is used when items can have processed ingredients, sense meat usually doesn’t this term is void in most cases), Cage-Free (Meat chicken are not housed in cages, this term is only useful if shopping for eggs).  The following terms are useful when shopping: Organic (this term means the birds were fed only organic feed, the taste is usually more robust), Pasture Raised (There is no USDA definition for this however they do require truthful labeling so when you see this is should mean the chickens were raised on pasture.  These birds will have smaller breast and legs that stick out a bit more than conventionally raised birds), Vegetarian Fed (this means the birds should have been fed a feed containing no animal by-products).  But chickens are omnivores! They eat bugs and worms, which pasture raised birds get. Chickens require a high protein diet.  Hope this helps you a bit when you are shopping for chicken.

Happy Heathy Eating!