Co-Op News 3/16 Pastured Pork & Organic Strawberries!

Hello Everyone:

This Saturday is our drop from Bar10Beef for Grass Fed & Finished Beef / Pastured Chicken Eggs on Saturday, March 19th. We will be at 7540 Dean Martin between 10-10:30 and 3920 W. Charleston Blvd. between 11-11:30.  We are taking order for that drop now thru Wednesday March 16th only under the “Bar10 Grass Fed Beef” tab and “Pastured Chicken Eggs tab.  Please remember to put you drop location in with your order under “additional information”.  

Our next Christiansen Farm Pastured Pork drop will be on April 8th.  We are fast approaching the deadline for ordering whole, half or quarter animals.  The pigs will be going to the butcher next week and we will need processing preferences.  There are whole and half pigs as well as Family Packages and CSA shares available for this drop.  The price is unbeatable for these!  The CSA share from Christiansen are a fabulous variety of cuts.  The Maple Kissed Breakfast Sausage and the Italian Sausage is out of this world. They now have healthy Chorizo available in 1 lb. bulk packages.  Look at the discount when you order 10 lb. at a time for ground meats including Chorizo!  They now have grass & Non GMO Barley fed beef tallow and liver!  We have not been able to get Beef Liver for several months, so stock up only $5 a pound.  They have 3 varieties of Bratwurst available; Jalapeño Monterey jack cheese, Sun-dried Tomato Basil and German.  All are outstanding!  You can order for this drop now on just click the “Christiansen Farm Pork” tab to order.  This drop has 2 locations to choose from; Cragin park in the parking lot on Fulton between 5:00-5:30pm and 7540 Dean Martin between 6:30-7pm.

Organic Strawberries only $35 for a nearly 12 lb. flat.  These amazingly sweet strawberries are the same variety we were able to get last year.  They are only available to order now through March 25th!  We will be getting them on March 30th and will drop them on Friday April 1st  at Cragin park in the parking lot on Fulton between 5:00-5:30pm and 7540 Dean Martin between 6:30-7pm.  To order go to the “Organic Strawberries” tab on

Happy Heathy Eating!