Pastured Pork, Grass Fed Beef, Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs!

Hello Everyone:

We love that you are just and excited about eating healthy as we are.  I’ve been reading a lot lately on how the good fat we get in our grass fed meats can slow the aging process.  Something we all want!  A diet of whole-fat dairy, avocado, olive oils, Grass Fed Meats, and eggs are all on the menu—trans-fats are not for optimal health.  Women especially need to incorporate these into their diet along with low simple carbs.

We we still be taking orders for our Christiansen Farm drop through the holiday weekend! Christiansen Farm will drop on Friday, June 3rd at Cragin Park on Fulton Place in Las Vegas between 5-5:30 and 7540 Dean Martin between 6:30-7:00pm. We still have great pricing on their 10 lb. ground meats and their bacon and brats are amazing! We will be sending out invoices through Paypal for the whole, half and quarter animals this week, be looking for them in your inbox if you ordered one.

Our next Bar10Beef drop will be on Thursday, June 2nd.  We are accepting order for that drop now.  They have grass fed and finish beef and pasture raised chicken eggs available.  You can order those now on click the “Bar10 Grass Fed Beef” tab or “Pasture Chicken Eggs” tab.  Be sure to let us know your drop location in the “additional information” box.

Happy Healthy Eating!