1 Week Left For Tomatoes and 2 Weeks Until Animals Go To Butcher!

One more week left to order super nutritious, yummy heirloom tomatoes in bulk!! Boxes are 20lbs for $70. There will be a mix of different heirlooms that would be delicious dehydrated, canned, frozen, or even eaten up fresh!!

Heirlooms are so-called because their seeds have been handed down throughout the generations, and they are open-pollinated, meaning they produce seeds that resemble the parent plant, which is not always the case with commercial hybrids, which are breed for durability rather than taste. Heirloom tomatoes are known for their delicious flavor.


Click on images for recipes. Thank you Martha Stewart!!

It’s that time again, 2 weeks until animals go to butcher! Get your orders in now for the drop on October 6th. You still have time to get your deposit in for 1/4, 1/2 and whole animals. Also, for a great mix of both, check out the Family Package which includes 1/4 beef and 1/2 pig. This package is our best value as you get the pork and beef at a lower price per pound, only $3.85 per pound for the pork and $4.50 per pound for the beef. Also, for a great deal on a smaller scale, order a CSA share!

Don’t forget to order your Eden Valley Pastured Eggs for only $5.25 a dozen!  They will drop on September 15th with the tomatoes and October 6th with the meat.

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