Raw Honey


This honey will be coming from Utah, Not Pasteurized, Not filtered, Non-diluted, Naturally Gluten Free. The honey is completely raw! Raw honey may harden with time, which is perfectly normal with raw honey and not indicative of a problem or poor quality rather it is a sign of truly great raw honey.  The Honey Jar in Honeyville, Utah.  They are a highly sought after honey producer with the highest integrity.  They never apply antibiotics.

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We will be dropping orders on the April 6th, 2018 drop.  

We will be at  Fulton Place in back of Hyde Middle School parking lot between 5-5:30 and we will be at 7540 Dean Martin Dr. at Crossfit Las Vegas between 6:30-7pm.


Honey literally keeps forever; never goes bad.  This is in part because it is a natural anti-bacterial and antimicrobial.  You can put it on cuts and scrapes and burns for excellent healing properties.  Raw honey can decrease or eliminate seasonal allergies.  Some theorize that the cross-pollination done by local bees provides a type of homeopathic remedy.  Have trouble sleeping? Mix a tablespoon of raw honey with a little ceylon cinnamon and eat it before bed.  Don’t worry about it causing your blood sugar to rise, it actually helps regulate blood sugar during the night!



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Raw Honey

5 lb. Tub, 1 lb. reproduction of a "1890" Honey Jar