Organic Strawberries


These Strawberry flats will drop on Saturday April 29th! We will be at 3997-4049 Fulton Place, Las Vegas (in the parking lot behind Hyde Middle school) between 10-10:30 and 7540 Dean Martin between 11:30-12:00.

Orders that are not picked up will be donated if prior arrangements are not made

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Super Sweet Organic Strawberries!  Grown in the California sun shine.  Great for short cake, jams, syrup, or freeze for smoothies later.  Be sure to get yours, in fact we get two, these only come once a year!  Because these are grown completely organic they should be handled using this way:

Rinse your berries in a vinegar/water solution – this acts as a natural alternative to spraying with a preservative.  Molds and bacteria are natural on everything we eat and the vinegar helps eliminate or stave off the growth of these things.  This does not alter the taste of the berries.