Raw Honey / Grass Fed Lamb / Raw Almonds / Raw Walnuts / Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs

Hello Everyone:

October 7th is our Christiansen Farm drop! We will be bringing Amish Butter and Raw Honey & Eggs that have been ordered to this drop as well.    This drop has 2 locations to choose from; Cragin park in the parking lot on Fulton between 5:00-5:30pm and 7540 Dean Martin between 6:30-7pm. 

Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs $4.00 dz!  We are linking arms with a ranch about 45 min north of Vegas who has pasture raised chicken eggs.  They are small now so only $4.00 a dz. as they get bigger the price will go up some.  They will drop at our Oct. 7th drop so get your order in!

We still have a few Grass Fed Spring Lamb being raised on the Christiansen Farm and will be butchered by Christiansen’s butcher!  Last years “lambs” were older than we were told and butchered badly.  So this year we are going to Christiansen Farm, a farmer with integrity. They are raising lambs that were born in March of this year and will be butchered in November by butchers that know how to cut correctly.  We are taking deposits now for half and whole lambs.  The price will be $6.50 per pound on the hanging weight of these lambs.  The average weight for a whole lamb hanging weight will be 60-70 lb.  This will yield 45-55 lb. meat.  Half lambs with be half of that.  These lambs will drop on December 2nd. Get your order in now to hold one of these for you!

We have Raw Honey in 5 lb. tubs for $28  This is a group buy and they will ship to us late Dec.  We will contact you when they arrive.  5 lb. bags of Raw Unpasteurized Almonds for $38 are also being offered.  These also will ship to us in late Dec. and we will get them out as soon as they arrive.  We are also offering 5 lb. bags of Raw Walnuts for $40 this year.  No Heat used in De-shelling either of these nuts.  These items must be ordered no later than November 1st. so get your order in!

Happy Healthy Eating!