Pasture Raised Pork / Age Dried Grass Fed Beef / Raw Honey / Grass Fed Lamb

We are taking orders now for an April 7th Christiansen Farm drop.  All of their grass fed beef is age dried! The Family Packages is a great way to buy a 1/2 pasture raised Berkshire pig and 1/4 grass fed beef for the reduced per pound price of a whole pig and half beef!  Reserve your whole, half or quarter animals with a small deposit now!  30 lb. CSA shares are at unbelievable pricing.  They have grass fed beef starting at only $4.50 per pound hanging weight!  Check out the bulk buy on Ground Meats!  Their healthy Chorizo is amazing, just pastured pork, vinegar and spices, no skins!   They now have grass fed beef tallow & pastured pork lard 4 lb. for only $17!   Grass Fed Soup and Marrow bones available at amazing price.  You can order for this drop now on  just click the “Pastured Pork”  tab or “Grass Fed Beef” to order.  This drop has 2 locations to choose from; Cragin park in the parking lot on Fulton between 5:00-5:30pm and 7540 Dean Martin between 6:30-7pm.  Please remember to put you drop location in with your order under “additional information”.

We are also taking orders now for Grass Fed Spring Lamb being raised on the Christiansen Farm and will be butchered by Christiansen’s butcher, vacuum packed.  We are taking deposits now for half and whole lambs.  The price will be $6.50 per pound on the hanging weight of these lambs.  The average weight for a whole lamb hanging weight will be 60-70 lb.  This will yield 45-55 lb. meat.  Half lambs with be half of that.  These lambs will drop on April 7th.

We have Raw Honey in 5 lb. tubs for $25 only a limited number of this amazing raw unfiltered honey left until next summer’s harvest.

In closing we are talking with a southern Utah farm about offering their amazing organic tomatoes!   We will keep you posted…

Happy Healthy Eating!

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