Organic Strawberry flats, Pastured Chicken Eggs, Grass Fed Beef & Lamb, Pastured Berkshire Pork

Organic Strawberry flats are back!

These organic strawberries are from the same small farm we got them from last year.  They were wonderful large sweet juicy strawberries were red all the way through, not like the ones you buy from the store.

These strawberry flats are only available to order through April 10th!  Get your order in now!  We are aiming to drop these on Saturday, April 15th just in time for Easter!  As with all things grown we are subject to the farm but this is the plan.  We have to have the order in by April 10th though to make this happen.

Organic Pasture Chicken Eggs are available again! They are still only $5 per dozen.  They are larger and better than ever!

We still have a few CSA share available of the grass fed beef and pastured Berkshire pork.  These 30 lb. CSA shares are a great way to try a variety of cuts of these high quality meats.  There is still a few whole, half and quarter animals as well and you’ll receive the best pricing when you order in bulk.  Our drop is 2 weeks away for this farm on April 7th!  Our next drop after this one from them will be on June 2nd!  So order enough to get you through until June.

Happy Healthy Eating!

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