Hope for the Hungry!

If you are like us you’ve realized your summer cloths from last summer are a bit tighter! It’s common for people to gain a little during those cooler winter months.  But it’s warming up here in the Las Vegas valley and time to shed our heavier clothing and extra pounds.  So how will eating help with that?  It’s all about eating the right amount of high quality protein, seasonal organic produce and good fats.  Then get moving to burn those extra pounds.  Your body burns more calories processing protein.  Eat small meals often is like stoking the fire in you body to keep it burning calories.

The Dried Aged Grass Fed Beef, Lamb and Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork will be going to the butcher in the next week.  It’s not too late to get your orders in with a deposit to hold your whole, half and quarter animal with your processing preferences for our June 2nd drop.

Organic Pastured Chicken Eggs! We are taking orders for the June 2nd drop of these wonderful organic eggs laid by chickens that are completely free range.  Only $5.25 per dozen!

Happy Healthy Eating!

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