Farm Fresh is the Best!

Hello Everyone:

When the Vegas Food Co-Op was first started it was our daughter, Rebecca DuBovik who brought it to life.  When the opportunity to take over 5 years ago presented itself we never dreamed we would love being in this community with you all seeking farm fresh food options at a reasonable price and bringing them to the Las Vegas valley.  Now we have the opportunity to journey on a mission trip with 3 young adults to Southeast Asia for 9 months!  We are so excited to try the food and experience the culture.  However we wanted to leave the co-op in good hands while we were away.  What to do?  We could think of no better person to take over than Rebecca, so she is going to run it while we are gone and Teresa and Chuck Whitney are going to be the boots on the ground so to speak.  Both are capable to handle any issues that may come up and are excited to serve you as we have.  Change is good and in the famous words of the terminator “We’ll be back”.

– Gene and Carolyn



I am SUPER excited to be helping and serving those in the Las Vegas valley, again, in the pursuit of finding fresh, healthy foods! It is amazing to see the growth and community that has developed in the Co-op the last 5 years and look forward to seeing what happens in the future. Teresa and I are committed to providing the best service possible but are still learning, so please be patient with us as we navigate these next exciting months. I am looking forward to working with you, the co-op members, and the farms we partner with, to bring healthy, nutritious foods into the Las Vegas valley at a reasonable price. I am passionate about small farming and love that we can support small farmers, and in return, can nourish our families with food grown the way it is supposed to be. Happy Healthy  Eating!!



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