Eggs are back! Get your Raw Almonds order! Order Pasture raised beef and pork now!

We have organic pasture raised chicken eggs!

We will be launching our new website in the next 2 weeks!  If you haven’t been receiving our news letter please resubscribe.  We will be dropping these fabulous organically fed and raised on certified organic fields chicken eggs on November 12th  We will also drop Amish butter at the same time.  We are taking order for our December 2nd age dried grass fed beef, grass fed spring lambs, and pastured Berkshire pork drop now.  The best buy will for the Family pkg. of a 1/4 beef and 1/2 pig together.  The CSA shares of this meat is a great way to try it or for a single person or couple.  We still have a great buy on Utah raw honey for multiply health benefits.  Don’t forget to preorder your raw unpasteurized almonds and raw walnuts by November 20th.

Age Dried Grass Fed Beef
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Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork
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Grass Fed Spring Lamb 
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We love that you are just and excited about eating healthy as we are.  I’ve been reading a lot lately on how the good fat we get in our grass fed meats can slow the aging process.  Something we all want!  A diet of whole-fat dairy, avocado, olive oils, Grass Fed Meats, and eggs are all on the menu—trans-fats are not for optimal health.  Women especially need to incorporate these into their diet along with low simple carbs.