Day-Light Savings Time, Grilling Time!

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and our grill never looked so beautiful!  Everything is better grilled.  We love to grill meat, vegetables and even fruit.  One of our go to meals is grilled meat served over salad or grilled vegetables.  Grilled pineapple is fabulous served with vanilla bean ice cream.  Be sure to check out our recipe section on the website.

April is a great time to fill up the freezer with quality meat.  Meal planning is so simple when you go a well stocked freezer and select 2-3 different meats to pull out once or twice a week.  Then go to the farmers market or store to fill in the rest of the item needed.  This time of year screams for fresh flavors and enjoying the outdoors again.

We have a drop coming up on April 7th.  There are still Family packages, 1/2 &1/4  dry aged grass fed beef, 1/2 & whole pasture raised Berkshire pork and CSA shares available.  The Family package of 1/4 beef and 1/2 pork is the best priced dry aged grass fed beef and pasture raised Berkshire pork available anywhere!  What a great way to stock the freezer for grilling season.

Happy Healthy Eating

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